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It was an amazing experience! I loved it. I laughed and enjoyed every second of it. It is truly the place to go. -Liz

SO amazingly fun shooting with Jill! I never thought that I’d like having pictures taken until I got this opportunity -Anastasia

Every one of my senior sessions begins with the most important person…you! Everything that I do is centered around helping my seniors feel confident and beautiful during every phase of their session: before, during, and after. I am always more than happy to answer any questions from seniors or their parents

One of my favorite things about Camryn’s session was the contrast. Camryn’s beauty, and the junkyard behind her. It was her idea to shoot in a junkyard, and it turned into one of my favorite sessions. Camryn is described by those who know her (now including me!) as a strong leader, ambitious, confident, bubbly, passionate and focused. She’s graduating from Cabrillo High School, and has big plans for her future. “My dream is to join the military, and go overseas to work with women from the sex-trafficking ring. My hopes are to interview women and hear their stories, and someday write a book to raise awareness for their cause.” To prepare for this, Camryn will be attending Arizona State University to major in journalism and communications. “I love to write”, she says, “and this will help me to become a journalist, and to reach my goals. The major is versatile enough to apply to many possible paths, so I can do well wherever I end up.”

Camryn is already keeping busy, working at both Endless Summer Tanning Salon, and as a social media specialist at Remax Realty. On top of that, she runs her own business teaching swimming. In high school, she’s on the varsity swim team, and is president of the Future Business Leaders of America, and secretary of both the National Honors Society, and the California Scholarship Federation, and is the Link Crew leader. She draws her work ethic from her father’s example. She said, “My dad is the absolute hardest worker I know. He raised me to be strong and independent, and I could never thank him enough for that.” She has fond memories of high school, and recalls her favorite: “Being on a sports team, and never losing a league game. I loved getting to know my second family, and watching my team grow up into such amazing people.”

I asked her where she sees herself in five years. “In the military. Most likely overseas, in the Middle East. I’m taking Arabic in college, to help me learn better how to communicate with the women I want to work with.” Camryn is full of spirit, and her passion for such noble goals is inspiring. Here’s what she said about why she chose me: “I just feel like Jill captures people’s spirits. You don’t even have to know the person, but you see her pictures, and you feel like you’e heard their whole life story. She is so creative and so easy to work with.” It’s humbling to work with such a beautiful, hard working person, and it was a privilege to capture her gorgeous spirit.

I wish you every good thing in all of your endeavors, Camryn!

Perhaps parts of the world are glum, but I’d say that’s because they have yet to meet Emma. Our shoot was fantastic, and she brightened my already-shining day all the more. Emma is graduating from Cabrillo High School this year, and she’s heading off to Allan Hancock College soon after. She’s going for her associates degree there, and after finishing she plans on transferring to a four year university to double major in both Liberal Studies and Early Childhood Development. She says her friends describe her as, “a flower child - optimistic and free-spirited”. She draws influence from her personal hero, Mary Ann Rios. She says, “She was someone who always inspired me to live my life to the fullest, no matter what obstacles came along the way. An absolutely amazing woman who taught me that being yourself is the best thing to be - and that a dance party can fix anything!”

Emma says she’s going to miss high school. “My favorite memory from high school was, basically, all of my senior year. I have met and became close to so many amazing people during my final months of school, and I couldn’t ask for a better way to finish out the year. And of course, winning Prom Queen was a great experience as well!” Before she heads off to college, she’s keeping busy with Track and Field, Assistant Student Body (ASB), Yearbook, National Honor Society, and Link Crew. On top of that, she’s working at Yogurt Creations and The Beach Restaurant. If you couldn’t tell, Emma’s an energetic, passionate person. She’s especially passionate about: “Helping children of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities achieve excellence in academics.” She continues, “I love to help the younger generations, as they are the ones who may change the world.” In five years, she hopes to be finishing up her schooling, and beginning her career as an elementary school teacher. She’ll be putting her passions to great use wherever she ends up, that’s for certain!

For our shoot, we ventured out into bits of the California wilderness. Emma loves nature, so we picked locations that featured a landscape mostly untouched by human hands. She had picked out some of the loveliest outfits, and they matched the natural colors of the background beautifully. Emma says, “I absolutely love Jill. An amazing person, amazing pictures, and every shoot is even more fun than the last.” Emma and I could go back and forth all day about who had more fun, but I’ll save the competition for our next shoot. In the meantime, I wish her all the best as she heads off to change the world, one little world-changer at a time!

Sophie is one of those people you meet that you never forget. I know I’ll never forget her, or our session! Sophie is graduating from Righetti High School, and is going to attend Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo. She says, “Both of my parents went to Cal Poly, and my sister is currently at Cal Poly. I always planned on going straight to a four year university, and I fell in love with the school when I went on a tour.” She loves working with younger kids, and she says, “In five years I see myself graduated from college, and hopefully have landed a job where I get to work with young children.” She is majoring in child development, with a minor in psychology. “I chose child development because I love being around children,” she says, “and learning about how they develop and grow is interesting to me.”

Sophie says her friends would describe her as “the mom of the group”. She is a planner and organizer, and prefers a simpler style. She’s not as interested in frilly things as she is in the more elegant style that matches her personality. She takes inspiration from her NeeNee (grandmother), and says, “She has taught me a lot of things in my life. Like how to set a table correctly, and how to cook and bake. She is a strong woman that I hope to be like in the future.” She keeps busy with babysitting, swimming and water polo, and one of her favorite high school memories is from a water polo trip with her team. She’s passionate about helping others, young or old, and this passion will take her a long way!

The session turned out wonderful, and I had so much fun capturing Sophie’s playful spirit. She says, “I chose Jillian because she was my sister’s senior photographer, and she made my sister very comfortable in the shoot. I loved the way the pictures turned out! I wanted the same experience for my senior photos.” I enjoyed meeting Sophie and wish her all the best in the years to come!

Check out Sophie’s session below:

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